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Cancelled: The FungiUniverse of TagTomat: How to grow your own edible mushrooms

22. oktober 2018 kl. 19:00 - 21:00


The course is about growing mushrooms and circular circuits – this time in english. You will be prepared to grow your own edible mushrooms at home or/and to work with fungi in your teaching practice.

During the workshop we will talk about what kind of organism fungi/mushrooms are and how growing mushrooms can be a part of a circular curcuit in the urban environment. We might also do a couple of the exercises from our new teaching material about fungi and mushroom-growing.

The workshop also have a more practical part, where we will upcycle different containers into your own DIY-growingkits to take home, and we will look at different methods of growing mushrooms.

There will be some snacks and drinks during the evening, and you will get a small TagTomat-goodiebag with guides, so you are well prepared to get your own fungi-project started at home.
The evening will also be a chance to buy our products with mushrooms with a discount.

If you can read danish, you can see more about our thoughts about fungi and circular curcuits in this blog post.

Your teacher this evening will be:
Julie Holm, cand.mag. in biology and teacher at TagTomat.

Please note that you can only get the money for the ticket back in the case of cancellation.


22. oktober 2018
19:00 - 21:00
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