Danish UpcycleTM: How does TagTomat upcycle?

The third blog post in the series of Danish Upcycle will explain the history of upcycling in TagTomat and will provide a definition of what Danish Upcycle really means. Beside that it also summarises the previous two blog posts.

Danish UpcycleTM: Why should we upcycle?

This second blog in the series: Danish Upcycle will explain ‘why should we upcycle?’ and will give you a variety of arguments and concrete principles for good upcycling with plenty of examples.

Danish UpcycleTM: What is upcycling?

Upcycling is an essential part of TagTomat’s working style and this blog post is the first in a new series on upcycling called ‘Danish Upcycle’. The first one will be fully dedicated to the question: ‘What is upcycling?’.